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Faulty genes can increase the risk of cancer. Genes are found in the DNA in each cell that makes up your body, and those genes control how your cells work by making proteins that have specific functions and act as messengers for the cell.  Being born with one inherited faulty gene doesn’t mean that a person will definitely get cancer. But they have a higher risk of developing particular types of cancer than other people, and at an earlier age. Inherited cancer genes that increase the risk of cancer are called. Cancer susceptibility genes, or a genetic predisposition to cancer.

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Faces of Cancer St. Lucia provides emotional support for patients in chemo, if needed we can accompany you during treatment and provide other assistance as needed.



Feeling overwhelmed after getting a cancer diagnosis, can be devastating and depressing. Faces of Cancer St. Lucia, provides emotional assistance to those going through this point in your journey. We strongly believe that cancer is a disease of the body mind and spirit and our aim is to assist in all three aspects as best as we can. We believe that a positive attitude is an essential part of healing as one goes through the cancer journey, and we are here to keep the patient motivated to fight. We help gather as much information as possible to help you make informed choices about the course of treatment best suited and help put together pertinent questions about your disease and course of treatment for your physician. We also assist in providing approximate cost for being treated in St. Lucia and the Caribbean We offer free counseling for the patient and family members and throughout treatment we keep in touch because you are never alone.  Informing friends and family becomes a huge task, and we offer to help patients, family and friends accept the diagnosis and move forward.



Yes, you have survived, but the battle is never over it is important to remain ever vigilant and continue with a new lifestyle change, eating for your health and exercising frequently. At Faces of Cancer St. Lucia survivors come together to share their experiences and to bring hope and inspiration to newly diagnosed and fellow survivors. We provide educational sessions with focus of the body mind and spirit. We have open discussions on cancer treatment and issues affecting cancer patients and survivors. We are very social and celebrations and social events and the love of nature are a vital part of our support Group. Indeed, we survived and should celebrate.



We support the terminally ill cancer patients in St. Lucia. We offer cheer up visits at home and or at the hospital. Our Prayer group offers prayers for strength and acceptance of God’s will. We will remain in touch with you and your caregivers to assist in whatever way we can. For terminally ill patients we offer our services regardless of whether you are a member of Faces of cancer or not.



Every year Faces of Cancer St. Lucia embarks on a free mammogram project This project is part of the Faces of Cancer St. Lucia Breast Health Fairs, held during the month of October. During the Health Fairs, the public receives free clinical breast exams, done by Doctors and health screening. Patients found to have breast lumps or abnormalities will then be given a free mammogram after  meeting the following criteria.


1. Must be unemployed or underemployed.

2. Household income must be less than 25,000 per annum.

3. Must have a prescription from a medical doctor who performed the clinical breast examination during our health fair.


Our mammogram project began in October 2011 with one Breast Health Fair, at the Derek Walcott Square. The breast screening was headed by Doctor Owen Gabriel the oncologist attached to Faces of Cancer St. Lucia, assisted by Dr. Tamara Remy surgeon attached to Tapion Hospital and two oncology interns from England. The project was a tremendous success and have grown to four Breast Health fairs in four different communities every October. Faces of Cancer St. Lucia is committed to reducing the cancer burden in St. Lucia, and  promoting breast screening so cancer can be diagnosed at a much earlier stage where it can be successfully treated.



Faces of Cancer St. Lucia observes World Cancer Day with an annual health Fair in February where we provide free prostrate, cervical and breast screening along with other health screening. During our health fairs we provide the public with literature on the several types of cancer that have been diagnosed in St. Lucia.





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