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Recognitions and Awards 2017

Faces of Cancer St. Lucia would like to thank members and supporters of the group for the kindness and assistance that has been given to us in so many ways. It is the wonderful actions of individuals and organizations like you that keep us going, without it we simply could not do the little that we are able to do for the members o f the public. Thank you and God bless you all.


During the month of October 2017, Faces of Cancer St. Lucia held four Breast  Health Fairs during which Clinical breast exams were performed by doctors. These health fairs were held in Mabouya valley, Mon Repos,  Soufriere and Babonneau approximately 327 people were seen, with approximately 87 people needing mammograms or ultrasound because of findings  and an additional 31 because of age and family history.

The Following also received Participation Awards

Dr. Marie Cassel,

Dr. Owen Gabriel,

Dr. Dawnette  Gonzague,

Dr. Fraga,

Dr Alton Wilson,

Dr. Tamara Remy

Mr. Jude Lubin.

Fitness Freaks.

Nurse Darrel  John

Nurses Association

Micoud Library Group

Sir Arthur Lewis Nursing Department





Planned Parenthood ( St. Lucia )

Berty St. Omer

Cynthia Hines

Magrita Philbert

Nurse Juliette Mondesir

Frances Guisle

AIMU Student Council

Pauline LeBlanc

Veronique Jules

Community Nursing

Diabetic and Hypertensive Association



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Spend 3 days eating fruit, salad, and protein, in St. Lucia, and you'll cleanse your system, kick food addictions, and lose some pounds. It's a sunshine state, and that can be seen in most of our fruits.



 The sun's heat speeds up the chemical reactions that change the large sugar molecules into small sugar molecules. basically large sugars are non sweet and small sugar molecules like glucose and fructose [the commonest sugar in fruit] are sweet. thats why growing some plants in the greenhouse speeds up ripenig and maturity. Some producers actually blast their fruit with ethylene gas at the warehouse to force it to ripen on demand. But, while ripening with ethylene gas will cause fruit to soften and change color, it can’t add sugar or any of the other chemicals that add up to a complex flavor

Lucia full'a sunshine

Lucia sweeeet !



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